Director: Michele Tozzi
Scriptwriter: Michele Tozzi
Producer: Giulia Mercandino
Production: Ganglio Film
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Format: Dcp 4K – B/W
Genres: Animation
Runtime: 3 min.
Country: Italy
Language: Italian

Year: 2023

Main Festivals:

Interfilm Berlin – Germany

Highland Square Film Festival – USA

Anarchy Film Festival – UK

Florida Shorts – USA

Veracruz World Film Festival – Mexico

Azores Fringe Festival – Portugal

Big Teeth Small Shorts Film Festival – USA

Highland Square Film Festival – USA

Series Web Awards – Perù

Short Cut – Serbia

Kaaffilm International Short Film Festival – Italy

World Impact Film Festival – USA

Kansas City Underground Film Festival – USA

Zebra International Animation Film Festival – Slovenia

Madrid Indie Film Festival – Spain

Marmostra International Film Festival – Portugal

FICAM – Moron International Environmental Film Festival – Argentina

SUNCINE International Environmental Film Festival – Spain


Big hands trigger power struggles and wars, tearing the planet to pieces.This shred of primordial matter keeps spinning in the universe. Will humanity be able to save itself from it self?